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Our goal : “Growing one million trees on the Discovery Coast (Bahia, Brazil)” !

About us

We are the coletivo Verdejar, a collective of environmentalists, technicians, students, experts, researchers, and change agents from different areas gathered to create a Volunteer Network to develop actions and projects accordingly to priority demands in the environmental area of the Discovery Coast, in the south of Bahia, Brazil`s most devastated biome.
Our projects are independent and have the support of donations in order to be realized. Get great bonuses on the site with gry hugo za darmo. Limited offer.

Our mission:
“Growing one million trees on the Discovery Coast (South of Bahia, Brazil)”

With increased tourism, urban sprawl and the visible reduction of our forests and green areas over the past decades, some Discovery Coast residents gathered to develop a Volunteer Network. Our mission is to raise awareness, through the development of actions and projects of Social Mobilization, Education, Communication and Environmental Management with a focus on research for the development of actions for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest and other biomes of Brazil`s Northeast. Go to our website and get real online pokies. Hurry up to go and start winning.
The project was inspired by some examples of success achieved through Civil Society Organizations that have been developed, for instance, in cities like New York and Uberlandia – Minas Gerais. Only here you are always welcome, together with kostenlose casinospiele you have no equal!
Our overall goal is to plant a million trees in the Discovery Coast through the development of a Volunteer Network acting as collaborators and supporter agents, developing concrete projects and actions that integrate various sectors of society as Government, Civil Society Organizations, Schools, Universities and Local Companies.

Our Values

  • Respecting, giving value and taking care of our cultural and environmental diversity;
  • Awaking the local community to the importance of sustainable tourism;
  • Providing healthy experiences through contact with nature and biodiversity;
  • Practicing non-violent communication in a socially responsible manner;
  • Encouraging the appreciation and participation of children and young people as apprentices and change agents;
  • Including people with special needs in the project;
  • Acting in education, mobilization and communication as tools for social transformation.
  • Giving value to ancestral wisdom of the indigenous and medicinal culture that comes from the forest.
  • Saluting Mother Earth as a living, dynamic organism

You can help our project with seeds, trees, material or making a donation!

… Mother Earth thanks you!

Our vision

Being a great “green web” that develops cultural, social and environmental
activities, programs and projects, contributing to a healthier,
fairer and more responsible society.

Our Sub-Projects:

Project “Arraial’s Route of Giants”

Visit and recognize the oldest native trees of Arraial d’Ajuda, register them, collect and plant their seeds, create an ecological tourism route with a bike path to present them to tourists and involving them in this preservation.

Botanical Garden “Ser D’Ajuda” in the Central Park

Create a large nursery for native species, creating an educational garden with a primary focus in schools and population of the Indian villages, offer botany classes and climbing trees, building an amphitheater to promote the experience of nature through music and bring funds for the projects.

Landscaping and tree planting in urban areas

Planting the most depleted areas to ease the heat, bring more harmony and beauty through balance with nature and significantly improve the quality of life of citizens.

Identification and Reforestation Research in Indigenous Villages

Investing in reforestation, social mobilization and classes to take the concept of agroforestry to the indigenous population, so that the environmental benefits of the project also meet the economic needs of it.

Social mobilization to raise awareness of the inhabitants

Working with special focus on students through lectures, debates, conferences and workshops, group activities planting, clean-ups and management of planted areas, street theater, campaigns, among others, actively involving the community.

Trees of Arraial d’Ajuda’s Central Park (Bahia, Brazil)

Photos gallery

Some picture of our actions in Arraial d’Ajuda (Bahia, Brazil).


Project “Arraial’s Route of Giants”
Identification of the (biggest) trees of Arraial d’Ajuda (Bahia, Brazil)

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